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My Soul glorifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God, my Savior - Lk 1 :47

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In the middle of the 18th Century, a young Jesuit, Fr.Gaston Laurence Coeur don was travelling by a boat from France to India. Our congregation takes its origin from the heart of this zealous Jesuit who had been caught up in the middle of his journey by a strong tempest. He made a vow to God to establish a Carmel Convent and Refuge home, if he were saved from the tempest. On reaching safely the shore, he established a Carmel Convent and developed it, but before he could fulfill his vow fully, the Lord called him to his eternal award on 16 June 1773.

After his demise Fr. Michael Ansaldo S.J. continued the former’s plans.  As a first step he established a Refuge Home to give protection to abandoned girls who had nowhere else to go and called it Bon Secours Convent. Till 1806 he was looking after the Carmel Convent and Refuge Home as well.
Pope Clement the XIV suppressed the Society of Jesus in 1774.  The Jesuits of the Cosmetic Mission were requested to hand over the Charge to the Paris Foreign Mission Priests and co-operated with them.  Thus the Bon Secours Refuge Home was handed over to the care of the Priests of Paris Foreign Mission.
            Fr. Julian Charles Lehodey M.E.P (1808-1867) of the Foreign Mission was the one who gave a shape to the Congregation. He gathered some young girls from the Refuge home, trained them and helped them to pronounce their vows on 17 September 1858.  Thus Fr.Julian Charles Lehodey M.E.P became the founder of Bon Secours Congregation.
            The main aim of the Bon Secours congregation was to give protection to abandoned girls.  Having completed 158 years in their service, they are well known for their academic excellence, discipline and moral standards in Educational Sector.

            In order to raise the standard of women and to avoid their ignorance, the congregation started all types of educational institution from primary level to higher educational level.


“Educate a boy, educate a human being
Educate a girl, educate several generations”.

                                                      -Mahatma Gandhi


BON SECOURS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN - Thanjore | Welcome to Our College



For performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions in both academic and administration side, IQAC was established in 2009. It acts as a dynamic system for quality changes in the institution.

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