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*B.Ed 1st Year*


1. Childhood and Growing up

2. Contemporary India and Education


3. Learning and Teaching


4. Language Across the Curriculum


5. Understanding the Discipline and Subject


6. Gender School and society


7. Pedagogy


          a. Tamil Education


           b. English Education


           c. Mathematics Education


           d. Physical Science Education


           e. Bio-Science Education


           f. Computer Science Education


           g. History Education


           h. Commerce Education


*B.Ed 2nd Year*


1. Knowledge and Curriculum


2. Assessment for Learning


3. Creating and Inclusive Education


4. Environmental Education


5. Pedagogy of school subject


*M.Ed 1st Year*


1. Historical and political economy of education in India


2. Advanced educational psychology


3. Curriculum design and development


4. Basics in educational research


5. Teacher education in India: elementary level


6. Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment at elementary level


7. planning and administration of elementary education


*M.Ed 2nd Year*


1. Philosophical and sociological perspectives in education


2. Advanced techniques of instruction


3. Advanced educational research and statistics


4. Teacher education India: secondary level


5. Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment at secondary level


6. Planning and administration of secondary Education







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For performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions in both academic and administration side, IQAC was established in 2009. It acts as a dynamic system for quality changes in the institution.

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