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Rules and code of Conduct

i) General

The college office and library works on all working days.
Every student should be present in the college five minutes before the commencement of prayer session.
Students should be punctual. Late comers are liable to pay fine.
Students should maintain discipline while interacting with the teaching staff, non Teaching staff and co-students.
Students are not allowed to keep mobiles with them.
Students spitting, writing on or disfiguring the college walls and Furniture’s or damaging college property in any form or other may be fined or explelled from the college.
Consequent upon promulgation of the dress code by the Government, It is mandatory that students present themselves in the college, at all times, Neatly and modestly dressed in their uniform.
No student shall leave the classroom either without permission or till the teacher leave the room.
Students are required to bring their identity cards daily to the college.
Visitors are requested to report their presence to the Principal and the purpose of their visit.
Students are to maintain complete silence while in the classroom Or library reading room.
Report of progress and conduct of a student shall be sent to Their parents at regular intervals.
Students are asked to pay the tuition fees within the Stipulated time. 14) No walking along the verandah during class hours.


ii) Admission :

Admissions into different classes begin after publication of the concerned results of the University.

iii) Academic Session:

Academic session of the college is from August to June.



The library and reading room of the college shall remain open for the use of students from 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Rules common to all borrowers:

No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian and until it has been properly entered in the issue registers and the entry acknowledged by the borrowers.
Every student can borrow two books for B.Ed. and three books for M.Ed. at a time from the library. The faculty member can borrow seven books at a time.
Every student is entitled to keep a book from the date of issue.
Every book borrowed from the library shall be returned on the date marked on the slip. It will be re-issued only once to the same person for a future period of one week. The book should be shown to the librarian at the time of renewal.
If a student fails to return a book on the due dates a fine of 1 rupee per day shall be levied. Sunday and other holidays being included.
No member is allowed to pass the library books to anyone within or outside the college.

Library tickets should be returned to the librarian at the end of the academic year or before the public examination.

All those who enter the Library/ Reading Room are expected to maintain silence.
Two copies of the same book shall not be issued to one person.

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