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image Our education college consists of well-equipped Psychology Laboratory. It has sufficient tools and equipment to do the experiments in the field of psychology. The student teacher can able to learn attitude, aptitude, interest and personality tests. We have 53 Questionnaire and 18 experiments to conduct psychology practical for the students in a systematic way. From 2004 onwards, every year 100 students performed 5 experiments and 5 paper pencil test in the field of Educational Psychology.image


  • Span of Attitude
  • Steadiness test
  • Alexander pass-a-long test
  • Habit Interference
  • Span of Memory
  • Mirror drawing apparatus test
  • Division of attention board
  • Muller Lyre Illusion
  • Finger dexterity
  • Problem solving tower of honey


Paper pencil test

  • Adjustment Inventory
  • Vocational Interest record
  • Eysenck Personality Test
  • Teacher attitude test
  • Teacher Attitude Scale
  • Introversion Extraversion inventory
  • Mental imaginary questioner
  • Differential ability test
  • Spelling test checklist
  • Visual memory test



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For performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions in both academic and administration side, IQAC was established in 2009. It acts as a dynamic system for quality changes in the institution.

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